Engineering a Sustainable Future

Your Journey to Engineering Excellence Begins Here

We are Quest Global. We’re in the business of engineering, but what we’re really building is a brighter future. As a vibrant community of dedicated engineers, we are committed to driving positive transformations worldwide through engineering excellence. We believe engineering can solve the problems of today that stand in the way of tomorrow.

For over a decade, our engineering carnival Ingenium has helped showcase the awe-inspiring work of budding engineers. This competition allows participants to unlock their true potential, compete nationally, get recognized for their extraordinary ideas, and chart meaningful career paths. It is a platform where innovation flourishes and novel solutions emerge.

Quest Global Ingenium is now open for registration. All dreamers, visionaries, and change-makers out there, we are eagerly waiting to connect with you.

Bring us your ideas that can reshape our world for the better. Together, we’ll turn them into tangible realities.

Join us and let your journey to engineering excellence begin.