Top 10 Ingenium Projects

Shortlisted from among 3000+ innovative engineering projects, here are the final 10 selected to compete to win.

Project Code: INGM_12692
Team: Active Shock Cancelling Neonatal Transfer System

Project Name: Active Shock Absorbing Neonatal Transfer System

Sahrdaya College Of Engineering And Technology, Kerala

Project Code: INGM_12641
Team: Neutralizers

Project Name: Handling /Recycling Plastic Waste

Kcg College Of Technology, Tamil Nadu

Project Code: INGM_12698
Team: Dare 2 Discover

Project Name: Multipurpose EV for Physically Challenged

Jayawantrao Sawant College Of Engineering, Maharashtra

Project Code: INGM_12604
Team: Flora AI

Project Name: Plant Disease Detection & Prevention App

School Of Engineering And Technology Jain University, Karnataka

Project Code: INGM_12402
Team: SKYE

Project Name: Stress Buster

Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Tamil Nadu

Project Code: INGM_1336
Team: Team Revolution

Project Name: Carbon Eater

Chandigarh University, Chandigarh

Project Code: INGM_1871
Team: Kryotech

Project Name: Ml Based Onion Cold Storage

Kcg College Of Technology, Tamil Nadu

Project Code: INGM_12675
Team: OneDialect

Project Name: Onedialect

Model Engineering College, Kerala

Project Code: INGM_1726
Team: Renew

Project Name: Renewable Energy

Knowledge Institute Of Technology, Tamil Nadu

Project Code: INGM_12742
Team: Aquabliss

Project Name: Under Water Drone

Hyderabad Institute Of Technology And Management, Telangana