Top 10 Projects

Shortlisted from among 1300+ innovative engineering projects, here are the final 10 selected to compete to win.

Project Code: INGM_2266
Project Name: Zero Addiction

Project Code: INGM_1808
Project Name: Dragon Fly Drone

Project Code: INGM_1718
Project Name: Smart Greenhouse Farming

Project Code: INGM_1750
Project Name: Child Safety Monitoring & Notification Gadget

Project Code: INGM_1778
Project Name: Tooth Audible Device

Project Code: INGM_2311
Project Name: Crime Reporting System

Project Code: INGM_1905
Project Name: Virtual Security Application

Project Code: INGM_2224
Project Name: Micro Gas Turbine

Project Code: INGM_2321
Project Name: Smart Waste Recycling

Project Code: INGM_1603
Project Name: Real-Time Semantic Perception for Autonomous Robots